Z-Offset, BlTouch & slicer

I’ve never had much luck printing with PETG in the past, have never tried it until tonight on the Ender 3 v2 with a Bltouch. From my understanding of PETG it like a little more room between the bed & the nozzle compared to PLA. I need to print a piece for an RC car that keeps breaking when printed with PLA so I figured I’d try PETG on the Ender 3. On the console I raised the nozzle using the Z-offset. What I’m wondering is if I can do this in the slicer (Prusaslicer). There is a setting for it in the printer section. My normal Z-offset is -134 so if I set the Z-offset on PS to +10 would this then set the Z-offset at the printer to -124 for that print?

I’m not sure about the Z Offset, but I would like to recommend you use the 20mm X 20mm 1-layer square method to check for correct nozzle to bed spacing. If the diagonal lines of the square are not joined together the nozzle is too high. If the you get bumps or roughness or transparency the nozzle is too low.

Setting the Z-offset does work in Prusa Slicer. With PETG is set it to 0.05 and it raised the Z axis when printing. Doesn’t quite work the way I had hoped, it’s tied to the printer and not the filament so I would need to setup a PETG printer to use it the way I wanted. Need to experiment some more and see it I can tie it to filament instead of the printer.

I assume you mean a PETG printer profile in Prusa, not an actual separate printer.

You are correct I’m talking about slicer settings in the printer profile

I think the idea is to set up a profile for each make & model of filament (e.g. Hatchbox PETG red), but I could be wrong

I do setup different profiles for different filament brands but no color unless a certain color requires different temps. I have one for Hatchbox PLA, Inland (eSUN) PLA+, Inland PETG etc. The Z-offset is in the printer section, if I printed a lot of PETG I’d make a Ender3 v2 ABL-PETG printer profile but I don;'t so for now I’ll just adjust it in the profile when I do happen to print PETG

You’ve hit on something I find very confusing about Prusa. If I set up Prusa for a particular filament, including everything from temperature to Z Offset to print speed and so on, then save those settings in a new profile, I expect everything to be saved, including any printer-specific settings. From your post, I’m getting the impression that Prusa doesn’t do that. If so, I find that weird, illogical, & unacceptable. I absolutely do not expect to have to "save these settings as this", “save those settings as that”, and “save these other settings as something else”. Unless I’m really missing something, that just seems very inefficient & cumbersome.

What I want is, “when printing with this filament, use this profile & all required settings for that filament will be loaded”.