trouble with PETG 1st layer

Read a number of posts here, viewed a number of youTube videos but having problems printing PETG.

I’ve had moderate success with PLA and need a sturdier plastic.

I’ve leveled the bed and have BLTouch on my Edner 5+. Ovation filament. PEI with and without Dimifix, progressive hot bed increases to 80°. Followed much of the recommendations by CHEP, others, and Irv videos.

I can get the 1st layer but it looks odd. When i print the 2nd layer it rips off the 1st layer.

[ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“full”,“title”:“image.png”,“data-attachmentid”:15857}[/ATTACH]1st layer left

Try z adjust to press the filament into the bed more but doesn’t seem to hold. tried raising the z adjust on the 2nd layer so prevent the rip offs.

Advice encouraged,


Have you seen this: [U]Best method for 3D printer bed levelling - YouTube? This is the method I use to get the correct Z Offset.

From the photo it appears your nozzle is quite a bit too high.

When layers do not stick to each other it is generally a temperature problem. PETG requires much higher temperatures. You also need to ensure your start gcode in your slicer does not have a hard-coded temperature that is messing up your bed adhesion. What extruder temperature are you using? Where did you get the profile? What slicer?

Thank you Irv,
Temp 240°, started bed at 70° then ↑, slowed initial layer to 15mm/s. Cura 4.13
I’m actually just trying to print calibration squares to see what works but i can’t even get these to stick. Someone recommended concentric so you see the above image. Not sure why the spaces between lines. was getting the same with ZigZag. Chep video recommended initial layer line width = 125%.

ty Ender5r. I’ve tried adjusting z in real time to get this 1st layer calibration square then i thought, since the 2nd layer was ripping off, to z adjust back up on layer 2 figuring the PETG has a better chance to stick to itself. No luck.

On the PEI bed, i roughed up the surface with light steel wool, cleaned w 99.9% iso, then Dimafix. postit level bed with ABL.

Appreciate the suggestions.

My only question is whether or not you carefully followed the method outlined in the video? If not, I believe you should do so.

TY, I’ll easily watch again but the 1st layer, for the most part comes out ok. I have been using the author’s calibration squares which is the image above. I made it 9 squares instead of 5…
rewatched and followed to the letter. used author’s calibration square.
Being tremendously scrupulous w video to level and relevel the bed (even with BLTouch), I seem to have gotten it to a point where it sticks with 2 layers. At least it didn’t rip off the 1st layer.
The print is ugly and I still need to do some fine tuning. Additional recommendations are welcome.

Thank you very much for your tips here.

It would be most helpful to see photos of 1-layer squares.