Layer separation


I am very new to 3d printing and I just got my first printer an ender 3 s1 pro. I have leveled the bed the best that I could and ran some test prints that came with the printer. Everything came out great. I am now trying to print a part I have made and am having some issues. After the first few layers it seems like a few just will not stick to each other. I am using PLA. Currently trying inland pla filament. I have increased the bed temp and nozzle temp. Nozzle temp is 230c and bed temp is 70c and still seem to have this issue. Attached is a photo of what is happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Also have lowered retraction as well as print speed)

It looks like the print is not printed enough close to the bed on this pic. I never had to print PLA at 230C and 70C bed, usually between 200-210C. and 60-65C. Could also be the speed of the first layer, maybe it’s too fast. Also, I have seen this in circular designs on my previous printer, which was an Ender 3 S1.

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Yeah I thought 230 was hot but the pla I was using recommend 215-230. I did notice that my cr touch was actually hitting the print. I have re adjusted the level and the hot end itself I think it may have been slightly tilted. So far seems to be working.

Awesome! Glad it works!

The temperature range is there to be able to change the temperature depending on speed.

If you print slow (60mm/s) you can use 215°C. This is improving the print, because the plastic is longer in the nozzle and does not get cooked.

When printing faster, the plastic is inside the heater for a short time and needs to be heater quicker. Then you use a higher print temperature to compensate the short heating window.

So you should set the temperature depending on the actual print speed.