I Borked Somthing

Well, now I need the advice.

I have an Ender 3 Pro with 4.2.2 mother board and Marlin 2.0 bugfix firmware. I installed a BL Touch last fall and have been totally loving it.

I recently had to change the hot end fan as it was squealing and was getting extrusion issues. To do that I removed the hot end shroud and BL Touch bracket. Put it all back to gather and reran the BL Touch setup wizard. The wizard moved to the center of the build plate and I stepped it down to the point the paper was scraping. I noted that offset and the went to the Z-Offset menu and dialed in that offset and saved the configuration. That offset was very close to what I had the first time when setting up. I’m doing it all via the menu - no computer connected. Also the Z-Stop mico switch is disconnected.

So now when I run a job the bed probes in it’s nine locations and the print head moves to the left side to lay down the purge line, only the nozzle is about 3 or 4 mm above the bed.

I’m at a loss of what went wrong. I sure didn’t have this the first time I set it up and of course I can find my tiny installation book. I’ve been through the wizard several times with same outcome. I have reflashed the printer with the same file (changed the file name slightly). Reran wizard - No change.

In your situation I would try setting the Z Offset 1 mm lower, just to see if it has an effect. If it does I would keep changing the Z Offset until I get the result I want. IOW, I wouldn’t worry so much about why it’s not working the way I expect; I would concentrate on getting the result I want.

wowzah, that was a fright. Did you suggestion Ender5r with the help of this YT Calibrating Z-Offset With A BLTouch Bed Levelling Probe - YouTube

It is interesting, my old Z offset was like -3.5. Now it’s at -7.5. The BL Touch probe is on the same bracket and mounting holes so did not move. Not sure what happened here.

Did a 75x75mm one layer square and it’s looking good.

Joe is a good guy: useful videos for sure. And from Malta; who knew :rolleyes::cool:

Glad it’s working out.