Problem setting up my ender 3 vw with bltouch

Hi all,

I have a problem when I setting up my bltouch on my ender 3 v2. I’m following DrVax video made couple weeks ago. I downloaded and flash successfully my pritee with the latest firmware from Smith3d (v2.0.x.10). My printer starts normally. When I do the AUX levelling, the printer goes to the bottom left corner and then to the center. It goes up, the probe goes up and down couple times and then I can select a corner on the screen to setup the z.
My problem happened at this point. When I select one corner, nothing happened. The nozzle doesn’t move at all. The bltouch has a red light on it and the probe is down.

I check and double checked the connections. White at the top and brown at the bottom…

I have another question. I’m not using the same mount as the video showed, so how can I change the x and y offset.

Unfortunately, the X and Y offsets are set in the firmware. Most people recompile the firmware to change them. An alternative way is to connect a terminal via the USB and add use GCODE commands to change the offsets. Here is a link to the description of the commands in the Marlin documentation:

If you recompile the firmware you will lose the custom Smith3d code which I think is quite nice.

Did the probe touch the bed when it was setting the home position. It is possible it is too high with the bracket you are using.