BLTouch setup

I’m getting ready to setup my BLTouch on my Ender 3V2. Watch DrVax video on setting it up. I am using the Smith firmware. When I load it it loads fine. I see all the new settings. When I click on the AutoHome button it doesn’t home to the lower left it homes to the right and off the z stop. I’m not sure if it should do that or not. I also tried the Aux leaveing but with I click on them nothing happens. I have included pictures hope this make sense. I tired to include pictures but I get an error message every time I try.

Check the cables and make sure the right color wires are going to the correct connectors on the board.

Thanks Irv. I will give that a look.

Is it possible that one issue is that the end stop switch for the bed is out of position or otherwise not set up correctly? If that is home position, it seems to be a long way from the corner of the bed.

With a BL Touch installed the center of the bed is home

Your wiring looks right. I’d say. You should have a light on the probe and when the probe tip touches the bed the light should change color… Have you checked to see if the wires are loose unhook and re-hook the wires in the connector. If all looks ok then i’d say a bad BL Touch maybe.


Thanks everyone
I have rechecked the wires at the MB and the BLTouch a few times and nothing. Is there a way to check for power before I send it back?

You could use a multimeter and check between the pins on the controller board where the brown (ground) and the red (+5v) wires connect and see what you read. Not sure if the connector puts out 5 v all the time or just when it detects the sensor is connected. So not sure what you will read. Just make sure you don’t short out the pins on the connector with the meters probes.

Hello all
I finally got the BLTouch working. I took it all apart then redid it and it is working. I then installed the smith firmware. It loaded fine. Following the video I clicked on Aux leaving and it homed just fine but when i click on lower left nothing happens. I then noticed the print head was very far off the plate. I went to the z axis tools and when I tired to lower it but nothing happens. I think I have the latest version of the firmware.

Sorry but i don’t use there firmware i use this guys. so not sure how to help with that.Maybe DrVav can help as he uses that firmware.

@MarcSchuh Are you using the bracket I link to in the video? Did you put a spacer or a couple of washers in to lower the probe down a bit? Are you using the same version of the firmware I used in the video or a different (maybe even newer) version?

Yes I followed your instructions step by step.

Marc, I had the same issue today…exactly the same!!

In the end (due to frustration), i uploaded the original Ender3 v2 firmware and the issue went away. I think it’s has to do with the smith firmware (Sept '20).

I noticed that they have released a new version (Oct '20). I’m going to try that now to see if it works. (Fingers crossed for both of us!)

It seems bad firmware is a frequent issue in the 3D printing world.