Ender 3 v2 bltouch blinking

Hi guys, I just installed bltouch from Antclabs v3.1, I’m having problems with it.

I’ve already checked the wiring and connections, they all seem to be correct, but as you can see in the video when I give the “home” command, the BLTouch is activated and when pressed it keeps blinking and the Z axis goes down.

I’m using the firmware from


, my Ender 3 v2 board are v4.2.2


I’m not sure how valid it is to test the BL Touch without having it mounted to the hotend.

You can’t test a Bltouch in that position. It needs to be perpendicular to the bed.

q.e.d bltouch is only worth it on paper. In the end they only cause trouble.

I agree my EZABL works much better

Having the same issue with my BLtouch 3.1 on my Ender3 V2 4.2.2 silent board,
FW tried Marlin, jyers, Creality TH3D, Smith all with the same results.
E stop switch removed, and BLtouch ribbon cable connected/reseated numerous times (new type 1 5 pin connector)
So I power on the E3 V2 the BLtouch does its thing, probe extends on/out.
When I try to do any type of homing (Z axis) the probe will extend and the gantry will start to move down, but it won’t stop unless I power off the printer.
I followed CHEP guide, and I’m unable to do anything that requires the Z axis to move down and stop unless I power down. When I do a Z home, the probe extends and the gantry will continue down and won’t stop.
I have another BLtouch new in the box as this one is that I swapped out, same results.

This really sounds as though the unit isn’t detecting the activation of the BL Touch probe. How did you wire the Touch into the main board? Did you just plug the Touch connector into the board as 1 piece or did you split the Touch connector into 3 & 2 wire pieces & connect the 2 wires to the Z Stop connector on the controller board? I’m not 100% certain, but I think it’s necessary to make firmware changes in order to plug it in as1 piece, whereas the firmware is already set up to use the Z Stop connector. I can’t recall for sure, but I think the Z Stop wires are the black & white ones.

FYI, the Touch on my Ender 5 is connected to the Z Stop connector.

If I’m reading you correctly, raising the gantry to 100mm then doing a home and you push the pin in the gantry will continue homing till you power off.

With 2 Bltouch having the same issue I would say it’s a wiring issue. I had my BLT plugged into the 5 pin BLT port on the 4.2.2 mb. Depending on where you got your BLT some of the cables are wires incorrectly. Check on the BLT website for the correct wiring.

When I got home I checked the wires on both ends of the BLtouch cable, and the ones that plug into to BLtouch had two wires crossed. I corrected them and everything works like a charm.


Excellent news. And you are very fortunate that nothing on the controller board burned out. I had that happen to me with crossed BL Touch wires.

Hello, I’m new to this forum and new to the 3d printing community. Sorry if I incorrectly use some of the terminology. I am also having issues with a BL Touch on a Ender 3 V2. Hopefully it’s appropriate to just add to this thread.

I’ve had the printer for about three weeks and added a BL Touch shorty after buying. I downloaded:


After installing and adjusting the z-axis offset appropriately, this worked for about a week until last night. Now the when I try to level the bed through the menu, the hot end moves to the center of the bed, moves up a little and the BL Touch just blinks. I’ve tried sending a the following gcode:

M280 P0 S160

Which stops the blinking, but when I try leveling again, the same thing happens. The hot end centers and raises, and the BL Touch just blinks. The z axis never moves down, only up during this cycle. I know that this original post mentions that wires were crossed. Since this BL Touch was already working and stopped, I think this is a different problem. I didn’t change the firmware until today as an attempt at remediating the problem, but I just copied the same version of firmware to the microsd and renamed it.

Does this sound like a popped BL Touch or a sort of problem that can be fixed?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

One more thing… After running the M280 P0 S160 command, when I pull out the pin, the LED turns blue, but when trying to relevel, the same z-axis lifting takes place and the LED blinks red.

Never mind, I found that the BL Touch probe tip was bent and was sticking inside of the housing. I straightened the probe and all is good again.

Glad you got it worked out. It’s always the simple things…