Ultimaker Cura profiles?

I was having adhesion problems using PETG on my Ender 3 Max and found a very good video by Irv Shapiro. Isopropyl alcohol resolved the problem, but I also thought it would be good to edit the code as he suggested. I was successful in making the changes and everything worked great. My question is I have to go into the setting every time to change the “Printing Temperature Initial Layer” setting, can I save that? If I can save that how do I?

If using Cura …

Change your Printing Temp Initial Layer of the initial layer…

Then click the dropdown icon on the Printer Profile and click Update profile with current settings


If you are using a Cura default profile you will not be able to update it so you will need to create a new profile and give it a unique name.


update profile.png

change temp.png

Thanks Larry