Help with temp tower.

I want to run a temp tower, but apparently you need to manually change the temp in the gcode? How do i do this?

Usually, you do this in the slicer. In Cura, for example, under Extensions>Post Processing>Modify G Code you can find a button labeled Add a script. In the list that pops up you can find a Change At Z script. Change the Trigger from Height to Layer. In the next box down, change the layer # of the 1st temp change. Further down, change Extruder 1 Temp to the new temp you want. Then, add the script again & repeat the process with the next layer # and temp.

How do you find the layers? You use the vertical scroll bar at the right of the Preview window of Cura. Slice the top of the black bar up & down to locate the layer(s) where you want to change temperature.

In Cura, the Calibration Shapes add-on makes it even easier to do a temp tower. Go to Marketplace, install the add-on, restart Cura, install the scripts from the “Part for Calibration” menu and restart again.

Then, next time you want to do a temp tower, Extensions>Part for Calibration>Add a PLA tempTower(or PETG). Then, Extensions>Post Processing>Modify GCode>Add a script>TempFanTower. Change the temp intervals to your liking, slice, and print! No messing with preview view.

There are a number of other calibration shapes and tests one can use with this extension/addon.


Alan, Temp Fan Tower is not in the drop down list of scripts.

Not sure what a Temp Fan Tower is. As @Alan said, you can pick a PLA tower, or PETG. It’s fine, but you only get the choice of the tower provided by the addon. If you want a different tower, the method I described will work.

Extensions Post processing
Modify G code
Add a script

Tempfantower is not an option.

5er, im gonna do your way if this doesnt work out. Id like clarification from Alan

Well that was easy, thanks ender5r!

YW. It’s always easier once you know the secret :wink:

Add the the extension, then the scripts using the new add-on. Sorry if I was unclear. Hopefully the screen captures below help.


Adding new scripts to Cura (after adding the new Extension/addon to Cura):

[ATTACH=JSON]{“alt”:“Click image for larger version Name: Part_for_calibration.jpeg Views: 0 Size: 37.3 KB ID: 9780”,“data-align”:“none”,“data-attachmentid”:“9780”,“data-size”:“medium”}[/ATTACH]

The new scripts appear in the “Modify GCode” extension/addon:
[ATTACH=JSON]{“alt”:“Click image for larger version Name: TempTower.jpeg Views: 0 Size: 33.4 KB ID: 9781”,“data-align”:“none”,“data-attachmentid”:“9781”,“data-size”:“medium”}[/ATTACH]

Sorry for resurrecting such an old post…but life got NUTS for a while and i was also without my printer for like a year. Im so happy i got my printer working again.

Ahem anyway…i cant get the temp to change. I did what you showed me, Ender5r, and i sliced it, went to print, and its printing at normal temp…not changing for the layers.

Did i miss something maybe?

How bout posting a screen capture of the settings in the Fan Temp Tower.

That is the setting I meant. So you’ve set each of those scripts to a different layer number and different temperature, correct? I ask because I just did a test, printing the sliced model to a gcode file. Then I editted the file, and it looks good:

M104 S220.0 T0

As you can see, at layer 30 the temperature of extruder 1 (T0) is set to 220C. The same is true for Layer:1, Layer:10, and Layer:20, setting temps to 250, 240, and 230 respectively.

I must have missed something on the first try, its printing correct temp now!

Thanks again Ender5r!

That’s good news. It’s always frustrating when you think you’ve followed all the directions correctly and it doesn’t work. Perseverance pays off.