Cura temperatures not loading

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong. I set the printing temperature to 205 and build plate temperature to 50 in cura 4.8.0. Slice and load to sd card. Install to geeetech a10 and start printing. Bed heats up to 50 hotend to 205. Hotend then position over build plate and bed heats up to 55 and hotend to 215. I have to turn temperature down manually

To help isolate the issue, try setting the Cura temp to 195/40. Do the rest the same and see if the temps change to 205/50.

Will try this out. I’m I right in thinking you are saying it is add 10 to the settings automatically

I’m not really thinking anything in particular. This is a test to see if there is a pattern. If you’re right, and it is adding 10C to the temps, the next step will be to try to isolate the source.

Sounds like there are temperature commands in start code or you have some gcode manipulation plug in activated (number next to the slicing button).

Usually these lines are marked. You should load your gcode into an editor and search for the temperature values to find out, what is happening.

Sound to me like the 1st layer temp is set higher, if you let it continue without changing it does it go back down? Also reading the gcode like @Geit suggested should also give you an ideal of what is going on