Cura 4.12 bata

I downloaded this version of Cura the other day. Today I started doing a test print for a chess board. I do not have enough red filament to do the whole printing of red pieces. Have it ordered thought. In the test the bed temperature had to be set on the printer. I didn’t remember seeing the option so it wasn’t sett. I finished the print examined and returned to Cura to tweak. One of the things I looked to change was the bed temperature, which was not under material where it is normally located. I then went to Settings, Configure visibly and it is listed there under material, but has a notation saying it is hidden because of GCode flavor. Yes flavor. Is anyone using Cura 4.12 beta and if so, does the bed temperature show for you and does anyone know what flavor in this usage mean and how to change

There are 3 Build Plate Temperature settings: [LIST=1]

  • Default Build Plate Temperature
  • Build Plate Temperature
  • Build Plate Temperature Initial Layer [/LIST] Which ones have check marks, and which ones have information circles next to them?
  • All three have the “!” inside a circle in the visual setting.

    I suggest moving back to a non-B(e)ta version. Hopefully, you didn’t uninstall the previous 1.

    Yes I did, part of the instillation was to uninstall both 10 and 11. I had figured that was what I would have to do but I hoped someone else was using and could help. I will go back to eleven. Thanks for your help.

    It is true that the installation of a new version of Cura offers to uninstall older versions, but you do not have to say “Yes”. In fact, the installer asks you seperatelu for each older version, so you can pick and choose which one(s) to keep. I normally keep the most recent working version. Do you know if there is a stable release of version 12 yet?

    No there is not, I double checked before I downloaded eleven. But you know how things can be, by tomorrow there can be. I got my chess square updated, and I am trying something new. I have been using under quality, initial layer height the value of .3. I am going to try the value of .25. The reason, when I started I started with the value of 0…1 for layer height and default for initial layer height was 0.15. So, why not increase the initial layer height by 0.1 if I was using 0.1 for layer height and 0.25 for initial layer height.
    What do you think? Be worth trying out.

    I use the same value for initial and regular layer height, mostly 0.2mm. To date, I have not tried layers thicker than 0.2.

    Now I am confused, you use the layer height of .2 and initial layer height of .2. I used .15 as the initial layer height for the Geeetech and .1 as layer height. Then everyone seemed to be using .2 as layer height and my cura defaulted to .3 for initial layer height, so I left it there and just now changed it to .25 for initial layer height. What I have done on both printers today look great.
    I found my problem with the bed temperature. It was not Cura 4.12, it was me. I somehow turned heated bed plate under printer set up off.

    I would like to mention that it’s best to set your layer heights as even multiples of your nozzle size. For example, if your using a 0.4mm nozzle, then layer heights of 0.12, 0.16, 0.20, 0.24, 0.28 would be optimum. With a 0.4mm nozzle, layer heights less than 0.12 get problematic; not impossible, just increasingly difficult.

    Just an update note Cura 4.12 beta is no longer a beta version, but a stable version. I have not reinstalled 4.12 yet. I will wait until after the holidays, I think!