Cura 5.6 puts supports under all models

tinker cad shows part on 0
00 on build plate, cura 5.6 show’s o.oo on all axis but SW X2 prints supports under model with no bottom lines. Take support off model and all you see is fill lines. Which settings do I change to get model to set flat on build plate with no supports? Thanks for any info you can help me with.

It for sure is no general fault of Cura as I just now used 5.6 and it worked like with any version before.

There is a checkbox in general Cura settings, which is named “place objects on build plate” (roughly back translated). Maybe you disabled it by accident.

I usually use that option as a cheap raft replacement.

Thank you for your suggestion and time. I apologize for the late reply, 3d is a just a winter hobby for me to stay out of the weather

My ender3 Pro had several problems after updating CURA to 5.6 and 5.7.
Projects I have printed recently suddenly are printing with no walls. I have reset my profile slice to recommended but still no walls are printing.
Other changes I have tried
-3 walls
-100% infill
I’ve tried Dynamic and super quality, the printer is giving me the same results

Check your printer settings ins Cura. Cura has a bad track record when it comes to reset the nozzle size.

Make sure the nozzle size is 0.4 for your printer. Otherwise I have no idea.

Recent updates of Cura introduced quite stupid bugs here as well. For example is the save file option loosing the path every time, so you have to find the location every time and once you save you get an “do you want to overwrite file?” requester twice, which is also annoying. These to bugs are there for over a year now. No clue if anyone is testing their stuff before release.