A Caution Regarding Cura 4.11.0 and 1-layer Prints

When I tried to slice the 20mm X 20mm X 1 layer prints that I always use to confirm good bed leveling and nozzle height, it would not slice. I checked again in 4.10.0 and it sliced just fine.

I reported the issue on github. A guy named Mark Burton responded to my report and, after a couple of messages back and forth, he confirmed that it is an issue and has already been reported. Thank you Mark.

So, to anyone who also uses the 1 layer squares, take note.

Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been too busy to upgrade to 4.11, but think I’ll hold off. I bet this is related to monotonic layers. I’m excited by the promise of 5.0 however.


Cura 5.0? Are they talking about it already? Where can I get info?

It’s into beta now (and still buggy). In the Cura Facebook group, one of the developers stated that the Arachne engine will be Cura 5.0. The beta can be found here. The variable line width feature is exciting.


It would be a least somewhat interesting to not have to pick multiples of the nozzle width when choosing line widths.