First layer is bad

Does anyone have any idea why the first layer of my prints are like this?
In general the print are pretty good. Just first layer is bad

Ender 3 v2
Hot End = 200
Bed 60 and 70


That looks like the nozzle is just a little too close to the bed.

If it’s not the z-offset that Ender5r mentioned, could it be that your fan is running on the first layer? The Cura default is to start out with no fan on the first layer and then it ramps up to full on the 4th layer. If that’s not it, see if there is another initial layer setting in Cura that you’ve changed. If you search for “initial”, you will find a bunch of settings specific to the first layer.

Does it happen with other filaments? In my limited experience, black has been my trickiest color. I wonder if black has the most pigments or other additives.

Would filament that has too much water content do that? The steam bubbles make the filament want to adhere to the nozzle?

Have you tried giving the nozzle a good cleaning? Is there debris near the nozzle that is being dragged through the just-laid filament?

Is the bed temperature accurate? We’ve had a couple of folks here find loose thermistors during their hot-end debugging, which can lead to over-heating. I know the bed is different than the hot end, but a loose thermistor would mess up the reading just the same.

Or if you made a change such as adding insulation on the under-side of the bed plate you would need to redo your PID calibration. With a bad PID calibration, maybe the bed temperature is off right at the start of a print.

Just throwing ideas out there to see if anything sticks…

Yes the Nozzle was too close to the bed. I raised it a bit and the print are coming out good on the first layer.
I think what was happening: Pressure was building on each line and finally popped out about half way. That’s where the bumps were.

It had nothing to to with the temps

Yeah, when the nozzle is too close it makes it too hard to push filament out.