Calibration towers and Updated cura 5.1 with out post scripts.

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I am new to the hobby and love the videos, however, I see most of the calibration towers in your videos are pre 4.9 update where scripts were still in the program. If I’m using the calibration pluggin through curas extensions, how do I know if the steps and changes are being made? Can we get some newer videos that correlate with curas version above 4.9?

I don’t think mine is being changed I tried running the first extrusion calibration Tower and it was at 6.5 mm distance the second one was changed to .65 mm distance I have a direct extruder printer. And I just don’t see any difference between either of the towers I stopped the second one because the first layer should be stringy and it’s not.

How can I check if the post-print changes are being made on my calibration towers? And how do I change the STL file to accommodate the changes in cura now that scripts are gone?

A quick way to check is to watch the print. Watch the LCD screen and note the temps.

One thing you can do is switch to SuperSlicer. It has a menu option at the top called Calibration. Under it are a number of calibration tools. The tools are even listed in the order you should perform them and, yes, the temperature tower does have the temp changes built in. You get to set the temp for the middle section, the number of sections above and below you want, and the temp delta between sections. You then click generate and a file with those settings is created.

For Cura there is an addin you can install that allows you to use the Post Processing menu to specify what temp to change to at a specific layer. You keep adding instances of the addin and setting new temps at different layers. Then you slice, export, and print. Again,you can watch the LCD to see if the temp is changing.

I’m not sure I know what you mean by “the extruder calibration test Tower”.

It’s a calibration print you do after temperature to calibrate extruder retraction distance. The tower pictured is that test print.

Oh, retraction calibration. Got it now. I typically call them stringing test towers, cause that’s what you’re trying to stop by tuning retraction. There are various ways of doing them. I tend to just print my own version of the towers at 1 temp. If there’s stringing I lower the temp 10C and try again. When I get to no stringing, I up the temp by 5C just to see if I can get just a little bit hotter without stringing. I normally do this for each spool of filament, cause they do vary.

I dont think I can use super slicer. I have an artist-d pro by JGMaker and I cant find what firmware to use for that slicer in correlation with my printer when setting up a customer printer.

Since I mostly do practical and prototype printing anyway I usually tweak settings while printing those parts.

This avoids wasting material, energy and for structural repair parts it does not matter if there are “noses” from stringing on it.