Scaling Issue in Cura 5.1

​Got a question for you guys,

I’m working on a project in Freecad 0.21 and will eventually bring in into Cura to print.

As a test in Freecad I drew a cube 30M long x 10M wide and 8M tall and exported to an STL. File size is 684 bytes.

When it comes into Cura it is of course to large for the build volume and is in a grey color. The only way I found to select the model is from the Object List on the lower left of the screen. Only then can I access the scaling menu. When I changed the X axis value from 10,000mm to 100mm I wind up with a gray rectangle on the build plate. Can’t select it, move it or do anything with it.

So anyone else see this with large objects?

Reason I’m asking is I getting ready to model a fireboat in Freecad the is about 30M long. The drawings I have are to a particular scale 3/4" = 1 ft. So I’d like to keep my Frecad drawing to real world scale and reduce in Cura.



I might consider modeling in Freecad and then scaling in Blender. I expect the mesh scaling in Blender is more robust than in Cura.

I’ll look at the approach. Thanks Irv.

I forget sometimes whether I have turned on or off the ‘automatically drop object to build plate’ option in Cura. Shrinking an object leaves it floating in mid-air if Cura is set to not drop it automatically. Check the z-position and make sure it is zero. Just a thought.


Ahhh didn’t think about that, thanks!

Alan, you got it.

The model was way off the build plate and it was the ‘shadow’ showing on he build plate that I was trying to select. Resetting the model position fixed it! Thank you