Freecad Issues

Been using Freecad for a while and currently using the weekly build. Can’t remember when the problem first appeared but my cursor went from being the normal system cursor to being a fat triangle as seen in the photo. While trying to fix that some how I now have little red dots on the corners when in the 3D view, it’s the same no matter what workbench I’m using.

I use Linux so Freecad is run as an Appimage. Trying to fix the cursor issue I went and deleted all the Freecad directories I could find including the hidden ones in the Home directory. So naturally when I started I had to set everything up again. In doing so some how I turned on the little red dots the also are there no matter what workbench is being used.





Can’t explain this but by suggestion from someone on Reddit I switched from appimage to snap stable both issues went away. Snap is a little different you either have to launch it from the command line or create a launcher for it.

Strange. I am usíng appimages on Linux for years and never had this issue.

I don’t know if it had anything to do with me using the Weekly build of the appimage.