Is Free Cad over?

Take a look at the video guys as Free Cad is fundamentally broken.

Without watching the video I can say, that he is referring to the Topologynaming Issue. Even @drvaxs talked about that in his videos.

I told FreeCAD people for years that this issue needs to be addressed first as it is a show stopper, but the knew about that and worked on all other places, because “it is not that easy”. It was caused by a wrong design choice in the first place and instead of fixing it right away it is there for ages.

Until RealThunder came and fixed the issue. The developers are working on it and even have a version with his stuff integrated. It just did not make it in the betas yet, as they take their time, which is annoying, as the fixes are there for years, too. And they work great, beside having someone demanding the focus on parts to be done first.

Sure beside that FreeCAD is doing a lot of things different, then - lets say Fusion360 -, but that is a design choice. The desktop on Mac works different than the desktop on Linux or Windows, even so there are parts handled equally.

FreeCAD hasn’t hundreds of developers payed to work 8 hours a day like Fusion360 probably has. It is just a hand full of people working in their spare time for free. I could say the same about an operating system being in development for about 21 years and which I am working on. ( ) Progress is slow and needs patients.

Just having these bugs fixed, will make FreeCAD so much easier to use. The RealThunder branch feels like a complete new application or like you did a time jump to the future.

Hopefully these fixes will be included in the official 0.20 like it is planned.

I totally agreed!! The less the hands, the more time!!!

I doubt Autodesk has hundreds of programmers working on F360. Numbers like that, in my experience, bring their own very difficult management & co-ordination issues. That said, there likely are a few dozen people working on F360, like you said, full time.

Going to have a look at FCAD vRealThunder 20210717 daily. He says there is an important Topo Naming issue resolved by it.

Thats’ the issue I talked before where links and references get shuffled around.

Believe me, I remember. I was simply pointing out that RealThunder posted on git that the build I mentioned has an important TNI update.

I need to take a look at the Real Thunder branch, that bug had bitten me several times

It is not a bug. It was a poor design choice, which never got removed and thereby tangled and grew within FreeCAD since the first version as the developers avoided to touch it.

OK, don’t call it a bug. I get it, bugs are things that happen by accident. So call if a design flaw. In the end it makes no difference – users are inconvenienced. I didn’t continue with FCAD because of it. The way I design is interative, so this flaw would screw up almost every project.