Can anyone recommend a 1-3 day FreeCAD tutorial/course?

I got into 3D printing at an interesting time just as Autodesk decided to restrict the free use of Fusion360. So I have been spared the experience of investing time in F360 only to have the rug pulled out from under me. Even so, I would almost be willing to pay the price F360 wants except for the fact that I would never stop being at the mercy of Autodesk’s future decisions. The FreeCAD option is just too attractive when you factor together the facts that it is almost as good as F360 and it will not be monetized any time soon. It is a much safer place for the investment in learning I’m about to do. I want to learn and use a powerful parametric 3D CAD over the coming years.

Actually, I had done a couple of small projects in Sketchup Free before I got into 3D printing, but rejected it when I discovered that subtracting objects is not included in the free option. Plus I don’t like the browser-based UI for the free version. The paid versions of Sketchup don’t appear to be widely-embraced by the 3D Print community, and again, it’s commercial software. And it’s not parametric.

Anyway, I feel confident that FreeCAD is the option I want to spend my time learning. I will be happy to put up with the un-polished nature of open source software knowing that I don’t have to be pulled around by the licensing nose ring Autodesk would make me wear in the coming years.

Which brings me to my question. I ate up DrVAX’s 3 part tutorial and the recent setup video he did and offer this as proof:


But I need to learn more to the designs I want to create. I looked at the Joko Engineering YouTubes mentioned in another thread here, but they don’t appear to be systematic course that I’m seeking. Has anyone run across a 1-3 day YouTube course for learning FreeCAD that takes a deep introductory dive into using it to design intermediately-complex models for 3D Printing?


You could look into the ones by Mark Ganson.

Ah, yes, that looks promising. I ran across his first video a couple of days ago browsing FreeCAD help, but forgot about it. I just watched the first video and I think he might work for me. Already covered spreadsheets.

In 1 of the early videos Mark talks about how he’s using the Part workbench to ease people into FCAD, but that he would switch to the Part Design workbench in later videos, for the more complicated designs.

Thanks for “eating up” my videos. All kidding aside I produce videos because I love teaching and seeing a print designed by someone that watched my videos is wonderful.

I just published a video on using FreeCad to design vases and more videos are in the works. Feel free to recommend topics.

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Too bad there isn’t free or very inexpensive webinars for tutorials for the different CAD programs or other design software where a handle of makers could all watch together and also speak with each other while they are watching it or whoever is instructing it to take questions during the presentations. I may be old but I would like to learn how to design. lol

Look up MangoJelly on YouTube he has some excellent videos on learning FreeCAD

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