Just watched Irv’s video on Shapr3D. It has some interesting capabilities, and a somewhat novel approach. Overall, at this point, I don’t feel it’s worth $20 per month (@irvshapiro, I’ve never paid $5 for a cup of coffee in my life. The $20 is more like 20 cups of coffee for me ?).

Shapr3D almost seems like a mashup of Sketchup and F360. The lack of parametricism is pretty much a deal breaker.

I can tell you the software is fun to use and makes it very fast to build simple models. But upon further reflection, I do not think I am going to continue using it or make any more videos about it. Once you learn FreeCAD you can also make models very quickly. The issue with FreeCAD is just the learning curve.

Recently for another project, I spent a lot of time in OpenSCAD. If there was an easier way to do filets this would be my go-to solution. I did recently try creating a model in OpenSCAD and then adding filets in FreeCAD and this works well. FreeCAD can directly read in an OpenSCAD file. Unfortunately, the process is only one way.

Yes, there are hacks to add filets in FreeCAD but it is not very satisfying.

Totally agree about fillets. And, recently, I realized I never listed 1 of the most important advantages of fillets. Besides spreading out point loads to make models stronger, looking nicer, feeling better to the touch, and the other advantages, fillets go a long way to reducing stringing by turning straight horizontal sections of a model into sloped ones that the printer can handle much better.

openSCAD… ah, if only. [SIZE=24px]?[/SIZE]

So, for me, it’s the community edition of F360, until and unless AutoDesk does something to make it untenable.

I was wondering if you ever find a use for Meshmixer. 3D programs daunt me and I only like to learn what I have to because I’m getting old and doddery.

I looked at MeshMixer once, but didn’t really see a need for it.

I used to watch my son in this apartment 23 years ago when he was doing 3D animation with a computer that was already old then, I was intimidated.