FreeCAD 0.19

I apologize for throwing this out there but, until I can get used to these kinds of message boards wasn’t sure where to address this simple question. My iMac (early 2009) running El Capitan when I try to install I get an error message FreeCAD_0.19-24276-macOS-x86_64-conda.dmg “No mountable file system” so I’m guessing I’ll have to upgrade my iMac?

Possible. It always seems that Windows is the more advanced version. Other editions lack features or actuality.

Unfortunately a problem wide spread throughout the open source community.

Thanks Geit, not sure about my next desktop but, I need it soon. While I have you how do I make identical pockets from one side of the part to the opposite side of my part? Please & Thank You

Use mirror or polar pattern within the PartDesign on the pockets you want to mirror or multiply.

For FreeCAD, all the platforms have the same functionality. There may be some obscure add-on workbenches that have issues with one platform or another. As for trying to get it to work on El Capitan, it says it’s supported, but I wouldn’t rely on that necessarily. Looks like the packaging of the dmg isn’t even working on it. That version of MacOS is really old, and you should consider upgrading if you want to use FreeCAD. I’m addressing the original poster, by the way.

One last thing… you are trying to copy the FreeCAD app to your Applications folder, right? You can’t run it from within the dmg.

Feature wise the linux version in general has no exception handler. Where the windows version just pops a note in log, the linux version gets terminated and all unsaved work is lost.

The weekly version sometimes are behind for the linux version as well. I had to wait a week or two, before I was able to use the newly added spiral features in Part design, for example. This can be seen at the date within the file name from time to time.