Printing very thin lines - underextrusion?

Going back…

​​​​​​I had the fan housing off to work on the hot end. Accidentally fumbled and the housing hit the hot hot end, melting where the fan blows on the print.

Replaced the entire hot end unit (fans were loud, figure replace the entire unit) with a factory one. I got a max temp error which was fixed by loosening the thermistor screw a touch. Started printing EXCELLENT test prints. I start printing regular things and its printing trash first layers with very thin lines.

How can i get my lines to be extra thicc again? Those nice beautiful wide flat lines…

My 1st step would be to recalibrate the extruder.

Extruded 100mm and it was short by 31mm!!


So far so good with the new estep value!

Hmm still printing thin, but its better. Maybe i should upgrade to a better extruder?

Once I had the E-steps recalibrated, my next step would be to print 1-layer calibration squares to verify the Z Offset.

What is meant by verify the z offset?

Im going to level the bed as best as i can (middle of the glass bed dips), but i got a bltouch, my next move is to install that

I often start with a 1-layer square in the center of the bed. While it’s printing, I use the Z Offset menu setting to raise or lower the nozzle to get the correct height. I do this by looking closely at how the diagonal lines are being laid down. If they printed as separate lines I reduce the Z Offset value. If the surface is a bit rough I increase the Z Offset value. By the time the diagonal lines are finished I usually have a nice, smooth, continuous layer of filament being laid down.

Once the center is correct I move on to the corners, 1 square in each corner. The process is much like the center square, except I use the wheels under each corner to raise and lower each corner of the bed to get the nice lay down of filament, instead of the menu system.

If I needed to make significant adjustment, I will repeat the process again.