Please Make Slicer tip and trick vid Mr Shapiro

I didn’t know where else to ask this question. I would like to see a YouTube video about viewing slicer results, layer by layer.
1 What does an unwanted space between lines look like and steps to correct.
2 How to change the top and/or bottom layer direction.
3 How to evaluate other slicer settings.
4 How to use the line type, speed, and the other items in the line type.
5 What slicer choices can be used for decreased print time without degrading results.
6 When to choose print inner walls before outer and vice versa.
7 etc

Thank you


As far as vid requests go, I sure hope he gets to do a CoreXY printer to review. I have seen plenty of Bambu Lab reviews so far and always think that he could do them better.

Irv has done many videos on slicers which has probably covered many of your questions.

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Oh, yes, that vid helped me a lot back in the day when I started. But I would love an update vid on that, as it’s 4 years old, even though this is still very valuable.

There are 34 videos in the Slicer Playlist, that was just the 1st in the series.

Wow, YouTube has been hiding things from me, lol! Good to point that out! When I first found that vid, I searched in his vids and only found a second with specific slicer settings!

When I was looking I looked at his Playlist and that is where I found all the videos on slicers. I think there is a way to search within a Channel but I’m not to sure how to do it.

There is a search on top of YouTube in general, and a search on the “homepage” of a channel, about the middle on the right.

There’s another You Tube Series that covers Cura
5.3 in detail. It’s called “ItsMeaDMaDe”. I have
not watched all but seems to be good.