Anyone know where the 'Flow Control' setting is in Simpify3D

The Subject kinda covers it. :slight_smile:

Flow control is called “Extrusion Multiplier” in Simplify3d and is on the Extruder page.

Ay yai yai. It really is still the wild west when it comes to 3D printing. I was thinking, after so many years, that the world of 3D printing would have settled down somewhat. My bad. Anyway, thanks very much for the info. I wonder. has anyone created a cross-reference document that lists what each 3D printing setting is called in all the slicing programs? That might be useful.

I have been planning to do a Cura, Simplify3D, and Prusa slicer cross-reference for a long time. So far I have been too lazy as it is a big job and I have struggled with the best way to film it as a video. Thanks for the push, I will move it back to the front burner.

I would love to help create a PDF cross-reference, but my knowledge of slicers is so thin at this point, I would be more of a hindrance than a help (gotta know your limits…).