New MakeWithTech Status Monitor

First, a shout-out to @Larry_Bowers, who noticed the site was down on Friday. I happened to be in an airport when I got his email and could get online and fix the issue, which was caused by sloppy site administration on my part. To ensure accessibility, I have subscribed to Pingdom, so all of the MakeWithTech sites will be monitored 24x7. You can access the public site uptime page at:

MakeWithTech Status Page

As I add services in support of the MakeWithTech community, my costs are climbing. I use YouTube ad revenue, affiliate links, and in the future, subscriptions to offset these costs. But do not worry; forum memberships and basic customizer access will always be free.

In terms of Model @ MakeWithTech, the site is up to over 60 customizable models in the new MakeWithTech directory and growing every day. Share an OpenSCAD model on the site and gain access to “By Me a Coffee” tips from users who download your models.

So if you can help me and share information about the MakeWithTech properties on other forums you participate in, that would be great.


While editing a recent post, it was flagged “Unapproved”. Is that related to site motoring? While it seems it was cleared, it came back fixing another typo. It might be technical nature of conversation, untypical of other forums, triggering spam filter.

@KitCarlson Yes, I noticed one of your posts was flagged by the automated system and I approved it. vBulletin has some magic algorithm that flags posts as inappropriate. I saw you post was fine so I approved this. This may have collided with your editing.

Thank you.