Public Beta Release Soon --- Channel Changed into a Support Forum


The public release of is close, very close.

Feel free to go to the above link and look around. The site may still be up and down a bit and if your used in the past you will have to create a new account.

I want to thank everyone who provided feedback here and helped me think about how to add value to the Thingiverse user community. Here is where I ended up:

  • Models @ MakeWithTech provides streamlined search, a 3d part viewer, and OpenSCAD customization for models on Thingiverse. So yes, the customizer is back, it is stable, it is scalable and it works.
  • The current capabilities are free and will remain free.
  • Over time Models @ MakeWithTech will add additional model sources (sites) and user-contributed model support.
  • Premium subscriptions available with both annual and monthly subscriptions will include: [LIST]
  • Model Favorite Lists
  • The ability to save your customized model parameters
  • Additional rendered model storage
  • Model notes
  • The ability to share saved parameters with other subscription users
  • More features recommended by our community
  • Potentially semi-realtime parameter previews if I can figure out how to do this in a cost-effective way :-)
[/LIST] Post the initial beta release I will add additional libraries (modules) and fonts to the OpenSCAD build and put in place a procedure to update the OpenSCAD build as OpenSCAD evolves.

In addition to a subscription model, I hope to add a revenue-sharing model with model creators and I am very interested in your thoughts about how this should work.

Currently, the site has no ads, but that may change in the future for the free users. AWS hosting is not free and OpenSCAD uses serious CPU cycles and memory.

Keep watching here for more announcements and expect to see new forum users who first visit this site for help with Models @ MakeWithTech


Irv - as of 5:47 pm cst your site is not available:
This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection.



I can reach it. It’s 5:51 pm CST.

OK- got it. For some reason my VPN from work does not like it (I can see it if I disconnect from the VPN - and yes, we have selective routing, but why should I be able to get to this site then??). Not sure why as I can get anywhere else I try, including this site, and the main MWT site. Oh well, I can see it from my personal machine ok, so I am good.

VPNs can cause issues. It could be possible the IT people at your work have things configured in such a way that the site inaccessible.

I have gone to the site several times, and just checked to see if it is up. On several occasions I have downloaded files. In short - I Love It!

Super Cool! Glad I joined.