is live and looking for your feedback


I am very interested in your help in prioritizing future releases. You can see the detailed backlog here:

This is a list of all of the updated/build steps that went into building this software, bugs/features under review for inclusion and currently scheduled features. The team currently consists of myself as the programmer/sys admin/designer, a fiverr who is helping with the UI/UX and designing a mobile view and a fiverr helping with QA/Customer Support.

As of today, over 20,000 people have viewed the video announcing the software, over 4,600 visitors to the application and 577 accounts have been created. You need an account to use the customizer. You can use the application as a front end to Thingiverse without an account.

The current thingiverse front end and customizer features will always be free. In a couple of months subscriptions will be added that support advanced features under review. While it would be nice to have this remain free for all features, Amazon AWS hosting and this forum costs money and I will use the subscriptions to cover these costs as the community and application usage grows.

I am VERY interested in your thoughts about what future features should be free vs behind a subscription.


So nice to see a pro developing a site/app, documenting his work in detail, following a process.

@Irv_Shapiro At this point, why do you not install a “Donate” button on this site. I know if you did, I would donate to support this site! I bet you would be surprised to see how many would.
One more thing, I am very appreciative of all the work you spend on the two sites I know about.