MakeWithTech is Expanding to the Next Level

Folks, I could use some help.

MakeWithTech is moving to the next level with more services for the “maker” community. While this forum and basic customizations at of OpenSCAD files will always be free, I will add subscriptions to support more advanced MakeWithTech services. The subscriptions will provide users access to advance capability but will not be required. I aim to find the right balance between free and premium services.

I hope that people will subscribe to support the community and my work as well as to gain access to advanced capabilities. You can think of these subscriptions as a private version of “Patreon”.

This post is designed to continue the discussion. My current plans are to introduce subscriptions at the end of the year or early next year.

The development, maintenance, and support of the MakeWithTech community have become my full-time job. This is a good thing. I am passionate about promoting a community of “makers” who like to use technology to create. Recently I upgraded to include support for SVG files, which makes it possible to share OpenSCAD designs targeting Laser Cutters/Engravers and CND machines. In addition, I have hired a couple of people around the world to help grow MakeWithTech and to support the community better.

In the next few weeks, I will put a flashy new home page on and add a groundbreaking capability to the Customizer that no version has had before. You will be able to include a ZIP file of modules, fonts, and graphic files with your SCAD file, and the Customizer will use these files together to produce an object. Model creators will no longer have to worry about the version of libraries available with the Customizer since they can provide the version they know will work with their script.

To support these groundbreaking capabilities, I need to grow the user community at On the home page, I would like to include quotes from a few people in the MakeWithTech community. If you would be willing to provide me with a quotation for the front page of along with your picture. I would be very appreciative.

The services that support MakeWithTech are starting to require “real” money. I am committed to the mission of “learning together” and ensuring both free access and subscription members of the community receive value.

To be clear. You WILL NOT ever need to pay to use this forum. Likewise, you will NEVER need to pay to use the basic Customizer at

I will offer subscriptions to folks that are able to help support the community and are looking for advanced features at

Please post if you are willing to provide a testimonial about the value you have seen from MakeWithTech or have any thoughts about these plans. As always, I enjoy engaging with everyone in the community and look forward to your thoughts.


Last year, when I noticed that 3D printers finally seemed worth while to buy one, before I went ahead, I watched a gazillion YouTube vids. I quickly noticed that your channel is one of the few which offers the best info, and it’s obvious that your professional background plays a huge role in making these fantastic vids.

Your vids info is explained properly, detailed, in decent chapters to refer to, your skills as a teacher shine through and your enthusiasm rubs off!! I learned so much from them! I can even go as far to say that without them, I would not even have bought my first printer!

So, thank you VERY much!!