Time to Upload and Share Your Models

It’s time to learn OpenSCAD and upload and share your models @ MakeWithTech.


I just pushed a change to launch Models @ MakeWithTech to a new place as the premier site for OpenSCAD model creators to share models. Now in addition to searching Thingiverse, you can share your models with the world right on the site.

This is just the beginning, and I will be reaching out to Model Creators to ask them to post their models on this new site. Once the new MakeWithTech model sharing part of the site has good content, I will announce it publicly.

For now, you access it by going to the ACCOUNT page in the application and selecting the experimental features option. Then you need to reload the site, and the main menu will change, and you will see two new cloud icons in the top menu bar. One to share a model and another to search for models at mwt.

The Thingiverse search capability is not going away, and the customizer will remain free. Future more advanced features will be behind a modestly priced subscription.

I am committing to providing public model sharing and the customizer for free in support of the OpenSCAD community and in recognition that 3d printers work best to deliver value when you customize your models.

Head over to models.makewithtech.com, create a FREE account, check the experimental box and let me know what you think.