Ekkk! Draft profile supercedes all other profiles

I accidentally hit Draft Quality in Cura 4.13.1 and it seems to have replaced all my existing profiles. I can seem to get my old profiles back.

When I hit Manage Profiles
I don’t see my old profiles

How can I get them back? Discard current changes doesn’t work.

never mind. I see my error.

New problem. I am experimenting using a 1mm nozzle. I did actually accidentally select Draft Quality for this nozzle.

In Preferences | Profiles I cannot remove this draft setting and I cannot see where I can add “Standard Quality” back.

Does it even matter if I change the parameters to be what I want for the 1mm nozzle?


Did you try clicking Manage Profiles…?

Just speculating, but it might be that there are no default profiles for the 1mm nozzle size. So you might need to add your own.