Monoprice MP10 Mini Cura (Mac) profile?

I bought a Monoprice MP10 Mini. I use a Mac and Cura (Mac). Cura 4.9 (and earlier) does not provide a printer profile for the Monoprice MP10 Mini? Can anyone tell me how to get the proper Cura profile for this printer? I called Monoprice, and they said they would look into it, but that has been 4 days ago and nothing has happened.
I’ve been using a MP Select Mini V2 with Cura (Mac) successfully for years.

1 option, I believe, is to install Cura v4.0.0, which apparently comes with a profile for the printer, export the profile, then try to import it into a newer version of Cura. Be aware, I have not tried it but, to be honest, it’s a pretty simply thing to try & shouldn’t take more than 30 min.

All that said, it really isn’t a big deal to set up a Cura profile manually. Have a look at this DrVAX video: [U]Setting up a New 3d Printer in Cura - YouTube

Nope! The MP10 Mini profile is only available on Cura v.4.0.0 WINDOWS. It is not listed on any Cura Mac versions. I’ve looked at Cura v.4.0 mac through v4.9 mac.
Does anyone know how to export/import Cura profiles?

If you look at the Print Settings window & click on the v arrow in the box that shows the currently selected profile, at the bottom you should see Manage Profiles. Click on it & you should get a window that shows the default & custom profiles. Above them you should see a row of buttons, including 1 for Import & another for Export.

THANKS! Could you, or someone with a windows machine, please export the Cura MP10 Mini profile and send it to me here? Then I can try to import it to Cura 4.9 (Mac).

Sorry, I don’t have v4.0.0 installed. Why not get Monoprice to do it?

From opening post: I called Monoprice, and they said they would look into it, but that has been 4 days ago and nothing has happened.

but now you have something specific to ask them for. Ask them to export the profile from Cura Windows v4.0.0 & post it to their website.

Ender5r: I know I’m leaning on you, but it is a fairly simple thing to download 4.0 for windows, export the MP10 Mini profile, send the profile here for me and other Mac users down the road, then delete the install. You would be a hero to me and all the futures Mac/MP10 Mini users from this day forward.

My computer is busy printing right now, & will be for several days.

My son says I’m not a patient man, but in a case like this, I’m happy to wait for your free time.

I would pursue other avenues as well. How about asking in the Ultimaker forum?

Welcome to the club! This is a nice machine with a few quirks (replace the extruder with an all-metal one, and while the auto bed leveling sensor is great when it works but you might have to set the z-offset to zero first–a software bug in some machines–or the hotend will not home near the plate).

Ha, haha, hahahaha … I asked the same thing over a year ago and got the same treatment. While there are some good people there, they seem to be limited to shipping replacements when it comes to support.

I do not know how to export a printer configuration easily and cleanly with Cura (.3mf project files included a lot of other junk, it seems). You can either create a custom printer or start with the CR10mini settings (this is what I did). I recall the manual has the information you’ll need for the printer physical settings. See this DRVAX video on the MP10 where he has slicer settings linked in the comments section. I started with those and have since tweaked them.

Hopefully, I’ll have some time this evening to export the default slicer settings that I use.


P.S. – There is also a Facebook group for this printer and its bigger brother, the MP10.

Alan, Thanks! That is good information. I guess I won’t hold my breath waiting for Monoprice.

YES! My initial setup was complicated by z-offset! I had to manually raise the bed to get the PLA to stick. Now my bed level correction is -0.80, but I can print some small items.

I have had a bit of success using the CR10mini profile and changing whatever I could change to match the MP10 mini parameters, but I could not change the printhead settings. They would revert to CR10mini settings after my attempted edits.

Any guidance on creating a custom printer starting with the CR10mini settings would be greatly appreciated. Can you send info on the all-metal extruder?

Thanks, again!

Does CURA not support the MP10 Mini because it is a copy of the CR10 Mini?

I can buy a CR10 Mini for less than the MP10 Mini. Am I missing something?

Do you have a screen shot of the printhead settings window? It has been a while but I recall creating a CR10min profile, renaming it to MP10mini and editing the printhead parameters along the lines of one of the DRVAX’s video’ on the MP10. The link to the extruder that DRVAX used was dead so I used this one: Redrex Upgraded Aluminum Extruder


I sure would not decide on a printer based on whether there is a premade Cura profile for it. Custom profiles are just not that hard to set up.

Well said… Can you help me? That’s why I’m asking.

I’ve been trying to setup a custom profile based on the CR10 mini & dr vax video, but CURA (Mac) will not let me edit printhead x min & y min settings. It keeps putting x min =-20 & y min = -10.