Cura printer migration question

I have a Monoprice Ultimate 2 ( Weedo F150S ) printer.

The newest Cura ( 5.3 ) has no Monoprice Ultimate 2 on its printer list, nor does it have
the Weedo F150S which is the same printer.

So I went to the Weedo website and saw they have Cura 4.10 for the F150S.
I went to Add printer option and this time it has the Weedo F150S, which is great if I want to use the old Cura.

But is there a way to put in the Weedo F150S in the newest Cura?

By “migrating” it?

Or is it just a matter of copying over the “Machine Settings” to the new Cura?

Basically the printer config is just the build volume and the nozzle size plus some nozzle measurements.

If you modify your printer e.g. changing the hot end later on, you need to change the config anyway.

It takes about 30 seconds to create a printer profile in cura, if you have your print bed dimensions and the nozzle diameter at hand. Do not waste your energy on gathering and joining information that in the end contains false information someone else added.

You might also need the Gcode preamble and epilogue, for things like auto-leveling, and proper shutdown.

It did the trick. Thanks for everyone that helped.