Cura 5.3 won't import settings from 3d model

Hello. I have and ender 3 v2 and I use cura slicer. I was looking for faster profiles for time consuming prints and I did find some by searching on Youtube. However these come in the form of models which include the settings for faster prints. While opening the model in Cura no settings are imported and are overridden by default profile settings. Any idea how these settings into a new profile or any suggestion for ready made profiles.
Million thanks.

Could you try the latest version, 5.2.2? So far, I luckily never had any issues updating in Cura and Prusaslicer. When I switched my Elegoo settings for PLA and TPU to Cura a while back, I just took print screens and corrected the vales manually by looking them up, which was a tedious job.

I am currently using CURA 5.3. I guess changing values manually is the only way around.

5.3 is still a beta release, if I am correct? I am never keen on trying alphas and betas. I used to be a programmer myself, hence why I dare to say that, lol.

Are these CHEP’s profiles? What are the file types these files have?

5.3 is the current release, but I’m sticking to the 5.3 Christmas alpha … love the new tree supports.