Cura profile for Ender 3V2

A novice here - assembled my first 3D printer (Ender 3 V2) I got for Christmas.

I downloaded the Cura 5 from Ultimaker site.

I just want to start with basic standard profile.

The printer list shows “Ender 3/Ender 3 V2” as a same profile whereas it shows a separate profile for “Ender 3 Pro”. I am under the impression that E3V2 is an improved version of E3 Pro.

Which profile is a better option to start with?

Thanks for your help

Before you get too far down the road with Cura, I would like to suggest you try SuperSlicer. I went the Cura route for over a year, then tried SuperSlicer. I won’t go back to Cura now.

Oh Ok - I will take a look.
As a noob the most I heard recommended were Cura & Prusa Slicer.

Prusa Slicer is based on Slic3r. Super Slicer is based on Prusa Slicer.

Check out CHEP’s YouTube channel. He has a lot of information about using Creality machines and often posts printer profiles for Cura. I think there are a number of interesting slicer options out there (Cura, PrusaSlicer, SuperSlicer, Ideamaker, Mattercontrol, Simplify3D[paid]), I stuck with Cura as I like the tree supports and already have well-tuned profiles. Although PrusaSlicer will be coming out with somewhat similar “organic” supports, the Christmas release of Cura 5.3.0alpha has new user-contributed supports that are impressive.