Monoprice Ultimate 2 printer correct nozzel

Hi Everyone,

Can someone point me to a link that would have a steel print nozzle for my Monoprice Ultimate 2 printer?
It’s because I want to print metal fill and glow in the dark filaments without wearing out the nozzle.

What I’ve done so far:
I emailed Monoprice Support and they said it has to be a nozzle type of MK10 .

Ordered the wrong nozzel from Amazon: (description below)
PrimaCreator PC-NSP-04Hx1-MK10 MK10 Hardened Steel Nozzle 0,4 mm
I thought since it said it’s an MK10 one, it would fit but is too big of a diameter. Dont want to keep ordering and returning nozzles to Amazon.

Please help.


Take a look at your current brass nozzles. Measure the thread diameter. Compare it to the steel nozzle. I’m not positive, but I suspect MK10 refers to a 10mm wide thread. Maybe your brass nozzles are MK8 (8mm).

This printer is basically a re-branded Weedo F150S, so try looking for steel nozzles for that printer.


Thanks everyone. Internet chatter about the Weedo F150S says its an Mk8 nozzle, so I will try an Mk8 nozzle and show y’all my findings when I test it.

Good luck with it.

Thanks everyone. I got an MK8 nozzle and it fit perfectly on my Monoprice Ultimate 2 3D printer.

Not surprised really. MK8 is a pretty common size.