Can you import a profile from a different Slicer

Good Afternoon All,

Thank you Dr. Vax for a remarkable channel, website, and forum. You give this 'Ole Grumpy Marine, a reason to want to learn more about this hobby. I have a question for everyone. I have a CR-10 Pro V2, and I work on a Linux distro, (popOS!) these are the Slicers I have tried;

Cura - 4.6.1 (There is a bug, I reported in github, Changes not showing after slicing
Matter Control - I couldn’t find a profile for my printer.
Simplify3d - Which seems to work.

I am green to this as you probably can tell, and I tested these Slicers without a printer, as I was waiting for it to come in, it just arrived yesterday, but I wanted to learn more about slicing to be ahead of the game. My question is, is there an easy way to import profiles from one slicer to the other? It seems that Cura does have a profile for my printer, or at least a pro model. I appreciate everyone’s input.

-Semper Fi

The two slicers that I have just started using have an import and export feature. The export function saves files to my hard drive, and the import feature will read files from the hard drive. So far, I can use either slicer to make a file that can be printed from either.
i hope this helps in some small way.

You can manually copy over the Cura settings. One way would be to export the CR-10S Pro V2 profile to disk. The profiles are actually ZIP archives so add a “.zip” filetype on the end. Unzip, and open the two files in the archives with a text editor, print them out, then go to your new slicer and manually enter those settings as a new printer.


Nice info @Alan. I didn’t know profiles can be exported, nor that they can be opened and edited. Thx.

Unfortunately, exporting and importing profiles can be a bit tricky. In the case of Cura you cannot export and import printer definitions – at least not easily – but you can export and import profiles with a major caveat. If you exported your profile from a version of Cura earlier than 4.0 you cannot import it easily into a version of Cura 4.0 or later. I have often found it is fast to just open both slicers at the same time and manually copy the settings from one to the other.