Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro - Change filament color using Marlin M600 in GCode

Has anyone used the M600 gcode command to pause printing. I currently use it with an Anycubic Mega Pro that has Knutwurst firmware 1.44. This method requires responses made using OctoPrint but works great for me.

I am very interested in the S1 Pro but it not responding to the M600 would be a deal breaking for me. Thanks in advance

Sorry, no Ender here, but I’m curious as to why you couldn’t use OctoPrint to change filament on the Ender. Here our host shows how to change filament on an older Ender: Octoprint Multicolor 3d Prints including Ender 3 V2 - YouTube (I’ve been meaning to try this.)


Thanks Alan.
I watched the video. It certainly looks like answer to the problem. I will try this with my Anycubic after I restore the stock firmware.
I have scoured the internet and found out that the M600 command does not work properly with the S1 Pro. There is a good firmware downloadable from Github (GitHub - mriscoc/Ender3V2S1: This is optimized firmware for Ender3 V2/S1 3D printers.). The problem is that it will not work with the touch screen that comes with the S1 Pro.

I tested the change filament using Octoprint per Irv’s video. After tweaking for my printer, it worked as well as using the M600 gcode command. I tested with the stock Anycubic firmware and the firmware from Github. Both worked.
Thanks Alan for the link and thanks Irv for the video. It looks like this will not stop me from buying the Creality S1 Pro. Just have to save some $$$

Follow Up: I purchased an S1 Pro. I connected it to Octoprint and successfully perform a filament just as per the Youtube video. I did have to upgrade the Creality firmware as the shipped firmware had some issues with Octoprint. Thanks for the help.
Also, I am have no issues at all with the S1 Pro. Very nice prints. Very little tweaking needed to my Cure setting. Mostly retraction setting adjustments.

Thanks a lot. I was hesitating to buy an ender 3 s1 pro, S1 plus due to lack of compatibility but after reading this, I will buy and venture into the world of octoprint

I would not hesitate to buy a S1 Pro. It produces great prints.

Here is what I recommend:

Get to comfortable with the printer before making changes
Make incremental changes. Not everything all at once.
Do not become obsessed with the perfect bed mesh. The bed mesh is there to compensate for bed “levelness”. use M420 S1 Z3 after the G28 in the start up G-Code to activate the latest mesh.
I highly recommend this firmware. It has many enhancements over the stock firmware. GitHub - mriscoc/Ender3V2S1: This is optimized firmware for Ender3 V2/S1 3D printers..
There is a Facebook group for this firmware: Creality Ender-3 S1 3D Printer Professional Firmware Group | Facebook
Here is another Facebook group for S1 / S1 Pro owners: Ender 3 S1 / S1 Pro Owners | Facebook
Octoprint is great. You can get by without if the Rasp Pi availability persists.

Good luck with printing.