Ender 3 S1 Pro 2 Color Print

I tried my first 2 color print, using the swap filament option and I was not able to complete the task in the allowed time that the pause is set for. I looked at the gcode for M600 and there isn’t a pause duration option. To increase the time do I have to rebuild marlin or buy the Bambu Labs P1P printer :slight_smile:

or is there an easier option?

You could put the screen for a S1 on your S1 Pro and flash Professional firmware. When paused it purges then ask if you want to resume or purge more. Mrisco Professional firmware is much better than Creality’s. On my S1 Plus I put Professional on it at the get go.

Now a P1P with AMS would be much easier it would change the color on it’s own.

@Gramps thanks for the help. I’m new enough that I still need some translation. When you say the screen for the S1, do you mean the physical screen or the firmware for it? I assume you mean the physical screen?

I will look up the Mrisco Professional firmware, maybe that will give me more insight.

Then that firmware needs the dial version of the S1 display, and not the touch screen?
Not a big deal as I don’t really use the display that much.

Yes the physical screen. The LCD screen has proprietary firmware on it so it isn’t compatible with 3rd party firmware.

You are correct @Nefarious the Professional firmware or any other 3rd party firmware won’t work correctly with the touch screen. Plus I thought the touchscreen layout was crap, things you use all the time were buried 3 layers deep and it seemed laggy to me.

Is this the display, I can see why creality doesn’t sell the dial display anymore.


That looks like it here’s’ the link where I bought mine. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B099PGFRRC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Thanks, I’ll get the one you show. I didn’t consider it because it didn’t specify the S1 so I didn’t think it was the one. I’m glad I asked, thanks again.

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I got the display, and the connector on the back is different. On the S1 the cable is a 4x2 and on the pro it is a 5x1 or close. Incant go see it now, but that is close. I searched for a video or instructions on how to make this connection work?

Is there any such explanation?

The new screen should have come with the correct cable I know both of mine did. There is socket on the MB to plug in the cable for the knob screen.

It came with its own cable, different to the one that came on the machine. I took the bottom off of the printer and the new cable is too short to reach, at least it is shorter then the original one.

There does seem to be a socket on the motherboard that it could fit in, so I will check in the next couple of days. I will take a picture and post it to see if i have it correct.

The cable that came with the screen is the one you want to use. There will be a black empty socket that you’ll want to use. It’s located close to the one that has be current screen cable.

I took the bottom off again and can see the connector that the new display fits in, and it does.

It is the black box on the lower right hand side of the control board?

The cable is much shorter so it cannot go around the base like the original, but I can tape it in place.

No matter what I do, I cannot get the second image to show, I will make a second reply to show the second image.

Here is an image with the cable in place, not taped yet, Is this what you did?

Is there any reason to remove the old cable, I haven’t tried yet? I ask because it seems to be hot glued in place.

Looks good tape it down and you’ll be good to go. I took the cable out on my Pro but left it on my Plus. A little IPA on a cotton swap will loosen the hot glue if you want to remove the original cable. You can also coil it up and tuck it away somewhere. I removed mine and store it with the original screen.

Are you using UBL? I think to start with, i will not, i just need to get the printer printing again. That is unless you tell me it is a piece of cake.

Yes I’m running UBL it will help you with bed tramming.