G code change filament script.

My Ender 3 pro has only an 8 bit card and I have version recently downloaded from TH3D site. I was hoping that it would be able to read Prusa’s M600 command but it doesn’t seem to.

I do not want to go through the hassle and expense of installing a 32 bit card at this time but I would love to have a script that my version of Marlin can read so I can play with colour and filament

type changes. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance. I can do it in CURA with their method but I just want to use one slicer. I need to be able to do it easily in Prusa.

At least that is my goal.

Can you not use the same technique in PrusaSlicer that you use in Cura? If anything, I thought PrusaSlicer has more capability.

I opened the g code of a CHEP yyz cube that I tried to filament change in Prusa to see where the M600 command came in but I couldn’t find it and I don’t seem to have any search capability on this

Macbook utility. I was thinking about doing the same thing in CURA and extrapolating the G code but I need a text editor with a search feature. Maybe I will wait for my geek friend to come over.

Maybe IO will try to get him to go into Arduino and activate the M600 command and recompile everything to see if that works. I can never get Arduino to compile.I am worried that my 8 bit board

might not be able to handle that.

How do you use M600 in Cura?

It doesn’t use M600 as I remember from the distant past. It runs a script my Marlin can understand somehow. I think it runs a ‘pause’ command and then the script to dock the print head beep a signal and then start cooling down. It gives instructions and I think I could even reheat the nozzle and start it again.

I get confused enough using one slicer and I just don’t like CURA for some reason. I think Irv had a video showing the different ways to change filament in Prusa and in CURA so I tried both. CURA’s method is much more clunky. I want to be able to use Prusa’s method.

I looked around and found one but haven’t rewatched it yet. Multiple Color 3d Prints on a Single Color Printer - YouTube

I worded my question badly. What I’m really asking is how do you tell Cura you want a filament change?

I would have to watch Irv’s video to jog my memory.