Where do you buy PLA filament in bulk?

I run a small 3D printer farm and I need lots of PLA filament for 3D printing. How to buy bulk PLA filament at a low price?

I would suggest you look at matterhackers.com. They sell PLA in 12 spool cases which is usually their best price per spool.

I have had some good results from https://fremover.net/.
I have had a few bad spools - not wound well, but over all it is good inexpensive PLA. I just checked and 20 1KG unboxed spools are under $200 shipped in the USA. I actually prefer the unboxed, that way I don’t have to deal with the boxes.
You can try smaller quantities to test it out.
I prefer PolyMaker, but they don’t seem to offer volume discounts.

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Ebay. Jayo always has a buy 10 pay for 6 or buy 4 pay for 3. I have been using it for close to a year and all the colors work very well. I used to resell for Popbit. Shipping cost more than the filament but it was $7.00 a spool. 12 spools to a case. I would get between 10 and 14 cases at a time.

By bulk - 1kg sizes, best is 5kg spools from sunlu.com “Not found much on pellets.” or pellet printers…