Reliable PLA filament source

I have been using Inland PLA filament. It was convenient to pick up from my local Microcenter. However, it is getting hard to find the same variant of PLA filament (PLA, PLA+, PLA Pro, HS PLA) in a color I want (basic blue would be nice). I also have begun to think that the manufacturer could change at a whim and still carry the Inland name. If fact, one of the associates said they have two different manufacturers.

I was wondering where the community has found a source for reasonably priced PLA (say $20 or less) so i can stick with one manufacturer of filament? My prints generally don’t require any special properties. Just looking for a consitent supplier.

I get all my filament from Noyes. There is a local reseller around the corner I can drive to.

Since I found this company I did not buy any other filament. Well, beside for TPU as the dropped selling it do to stupid people return it for no other reason than they cannot print it.

However. Their PLA is usually 16 Euro and their ABS around 12 Euro. When selling on Amazon the Amazon-Tax of 5 Euro is added.

The local store: (they are a reseller, but I don’t know if you can order there. There is probably a reseller for Noyes Filament in your region, too)

I can recommend all their filaments. They are consistent in price, quality and color and, as said, beside TPU I only use Noyes filament.

Microcenter does not make their own filament. The online consensus seems to be that they sell rebranded eSun (<$20 on Amazon US) and Polymaker. So, you might try other suppliers for the name brand. Our host recommends Hatchbox (~$25 on Amazon) and Matterhacker’s Build Series (~$21). SUNLU (<$20 on Amazon) also seems popular.

Sadly, Noyes is not available on Amazon US.


Thanks for the input. Indeed, Noyes is not an option. A Microcenter associate did say that PLA variants were eSun, but some that have a eco symbol were a different source. Polymaker would make sense for that since i think the Polyterra is an eco friendly positioned brand. Loyal Moses is a big fan of Polymaker for various reasons. I have been happy with the Inland brand, but the color selection has really declined at my local store. (I just want another role of blue PLA+ - is that too much to ask? :grinning:). I had trouble with the Inland PLA Matte version. Stinging and other assorted problems.

Thanks for the information. I, too, like Microcenter and have had good luck with their regular PLA and PETG. I just wish my store were closer. I should try the online store.


For premium PLA - Polymaker. you can purchase direct from them or Amazon.
If you use a lot of PLA and can order at least 12 rolls at a time
I usually order 12 or 16 rolls - they average about $10 per roll. I have ordered about 200 rolls from them and had good results, their new spools work great in the Bambu AMS. The only problem I have had is some bad winding. They have free shipping in the US

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I have found eSun PLA+ filament very consistent in quality with a good range of colours.
I usually buy from Amazon at around £16 or £17

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I’ve been using Elegoo PLA for almost a year now. I have an assortment of colors that all print great. Most colors are under $20, I buy it on Amazon. Recently they came out with PLA+ and I have used a few rolls of it and it print good too.