Duramic 3D Premiumn PLA+

Saw Duramic 3D Premiumn PLA+ plus recommended on a Youtube channel, said it was his go to PLA. It’s sold on Amazon and has good reviews but I don’t put a ton of faith in Amazon reviews. Has anyone here tried it? Your thoughts?

Never heard of this manufacturer. No location information on their website, which also seems to have no available filament. The specification for PLA+ includes “Printing Speed: 40-80mm/s” – which is weird.

Color me skeptical. If you are looking for a good PLA+, check out FilaCube–which I have had good success using.


Their website says “sold out” for all their filaments, but amazon.com apparently has stock. I get the impression they basically only sell on Amazon. Perhaps they’re not interested in doing shipping & handling themselves, since Amazon is so good at it.

As far as Amazon reviews are concerned, I have more faith in them when there are a lot of 4 & 5 star reviews, with very few 1 & 2 star ones.

I have tried FilaCube but for the life of me I couldn’t get it to stick to the bed in a reliable matter.

I think Hatchbox is on;y selling on Amazon now, there was a post on that on their website last time I was there.

I think that’s why Amazon has focussed so intently on logistics the last number of years. I think they want to be able to say, “Pay us to handle your shipping & handling needs. We can do it faster, better, & cheaper than you every could.” It’s a great way to attract & keep vendors to the platform.

If Amazon is supporting small businesses good for them.

I did bump up the bed temperature to 5C to 65C and used Dimaflex/Magigoo for more delicate parts on glass and PEI. Are you getting enough “squish” on the first layer? You might try eSun or Sunlu PLA+. They worked fine, but I had brittleness/water vapor problems towards the end of the rolls. That might have been my printing environment as I’ve only tried one roll of each.


Didn’t try bumping up the bed temp used 60C. Think squish was good, I could put in some Inland PLA and the same part would print fine. I ened up sending it back. I have used eSun PLA+ with no issues, have had pretty good luck with it. Also have had good luck with Inland PLA+. The issues I did have with Inland and eSun was the end of the roll was so tangled that it would bind and cause the print to fail. This could have been my fault too.

Good to know about your experience with eSun PLA+. I’ve heard mixed things about Inland but haven’t gotten around to trying it.

YouTube gurus swear it is impossible for a roll of filament to become tangled by the manufacturer. I swear they are wrong! ?


Sorry, I thought it was obvious I was joking.


Yeah. Have to say, to date I have not had a single roll twist up on me.

I learned the hard way to be very careful.

I don’t know if I would call it being very careful, but I just simply pull the spools off the holder & thread the filament end through 2 of the holes along the edge of the spool.

I have a clip that I keep on my spool holder. When replacing the filament I use the clip to secure it to the reel while I pull it from the extruder. roll excess on spool remove clip and secure it using the provided holes. Do the opposite with the new spool, the only gotcha here is remembering to remove the clip before printing.

It is only Noobies that think their filament has been badly rolled and that is causing the jamming.

It’s my understanding that the Inland PLA+ is eSun PLA+ rebranded. For me both print with the same setting with the same results. Normal Inland PLA is however not manufactured by eSun.