Red Filament

I know I’m old but dang I think I saw this item inside another topic on the site. I saw somebody make reference to ‘red filament’ where they found some that is truly red, not some off color or pastel shade. I have one of those and am not impressed. I have a project where a real red color would be nice.

I’ve played around with the search feature with some key words but not getting any thing back. So either it’s not on this site or I’m not formatting the search string correctly. IE I tied looking for “red filament” and red&filament but no banana.

If this conversation is on this site could someone point me to it?



This is the thread: [U]Is it my imagination or have the filament prices soared? - MakeWithTech Community Forum It meanders around a bit, but red filament is 1 of the main topics.

Thank you Ende5r.

Has anyone else had experience with GST-3D ( Global Solution Technology ) PLA filaments?

I have used this brand quite a bit, and as a footnote, the red filament for PLA+ is a very good rich red, there are other brands with darker reds but they are not called pure “red”. I cannot say anything bad about this brand, on amazon they have the PLA+ for $9.95 and on their web page $9.95, but the shipping is expensive. Order as many reels as possible, it seems that one or 6 the shipping is the same from their web page.

OK thanks Lowteck