searching for a dark gray PETG

I’m looking for a dark gray opaque PETG, perhaps charcoal gray or gun metal gray. I’ve used eSUN Gray PETG, and what I need is about half way between that and black. Has anyone run across something like that?

wow, colors are sooo hard to compare. What might be good is if you could compare the eSUN to the Pantone pallet, then pick a color that matches what you want. Wouldn’t it be great if the filament makers would state what Pantone value their filament has?

That would be nice to supply a Pantone color and get the matching PETG. Does that exist? I found this announcement, but I’m not seeing a way to actually order a PETG.

In any case, it doesn’t have to be precise. I would be happy with any darker-than-normal-gray if anyone has found one.

@Ender5r ,What about that striking PETG Carbon Fiber Black that you found? The fact that is isn’t shiny gets it about half way to what I’m looking for–something that matches the interior of my car. If you compare those prints you made to another black filament how would they compare?

And have you found a batter way to buy it in the US?

I still order it from Canada. There are a couple of filaments I’ve not been able to find in the US, so I get some of the PETG Carbon at the same time. It is dark, but I think it’s not quite as dark as charcoal. It has what I would call a luster finish, rather than typical shiny. I think it’s a nice look.

I get it from And, heck, the favorable exchange rate doesn’t hurt either :slight_smile:

I’m not good with colors, but what do you think of Atomic’s Gun Metal Gray?


That looks promising too! Hmmm.

Shipping costs! Am I right? Amazon has spoiled me on that front.

I went ahead and ordered a couple of rolls of each. The stringing with the eSUN PETG I’ve been using has been brutal, so it will be interesting to see how that compares with these candidates. If so, shipping costs are a small price to pay.

Thanks for your help.

I have some COEX Pla in gunmetal gray that looks nice. The pictures of the PETG & PLA on their site don’t look like what I have. I’ll take a picture of something I printed with it.

Actually, their Stealth Gray looks about right. Do you have experience with their PETG?

Actually, what I really want to know is how true is it that “you get what you pay for” with regard to PETG filament? Just because you hear it all the time doesn’t mean it is true. Most of the time when I buy something on Amazon, it is after reading several reviews both on their site and off site. As an individual, it is a really expensive exercise to buy a bunch of filaments from alternate sources and compare, but it is an exercise I’m about to do with yesterday’s orders coming in. :-). I’ll be sure to check in with what I find.

However, I’m just wondering if anyone else has real ground-truth experience that says that buying affordable, imported, well-reviewed filaments at Amazon is really a compromise on quality compared to these domestic sources like the ones being posted in this thread.

Haven’t tried their PETG, don’t print much PETG myself. I do like their PLA prints at a pretty high temp more like PLA+ I think if you contact them they will send your a sample

The transmitter stand is gunmetal gray, the lighting makes it look a lighter than in person, has a metallic look to it. The crate is another gray I have

I just wanted to check in with what I’m finding with these new filaments.

The Atomic Gunmetal Gray that @Alan pointed out is really nice. The shade of gray is almost dark enough–just a hair short. Regarding stringing, I haven’t had a chance to try to tweak my slicer settings for it yet or print any towers, but using the settings I’ve been using for PETG I would say it is very slightly better. I can see how tweaking for it might buy some improvement, but if I can’t improve on the stringing I wouldn’t say this is something the is worth the extra cost compared to eSUN.

The Carbon Fiber Black PETG that @Ender told us about so long ago is truly remarkable. Yeah, the texture is uncanny compared to everything I’ve dealt with. It just came late this afternoon and I’ve only printed one 90 minute print with it, but there is just something about how satisfying it is to the touch and the texture is so nice visually compared to the harsh shininess of what I’ve been using. I can see this being my go-to PETG in lots of applications. Oh, and the color is bang-on for what I need–love it. It is just short of black by the perfect amount.

I emailed a guy at COEX who was very engaging to talk to and he is sending me a sample of his stealth gray. Still waiting for that to come in.

Here is my first print with the Carbon Fiber Black PETG:


Glad to hear you like the filament @mochalatte. I know it’s not as convenient as buying from amazon, or some other US supplier, but I think the filament is worth it. I’m not sure what, but there seems to be something going on with these Canadian filament suppliers. The other day I discovered that there is an actual filament developer/manufacturer in Canada. Seems a little weird. I mean, how can they compete with China. I guess filament like PETG Carbon Fibre is 1 explanation. There’s also a company getting into recycling of filament.