Wood filament

Hi all, though I’d give the wood filament a go, did a couple off test peices, no problem, pleased, started a project, after 3 hours the filament broke at the extruder, started again, after an hour it did not break but was streched between the gears on the extruder, I’m using regular pla settings with a 0,4 mm stock nozel, I been told I need to use a larger nozel, appreciate any advice, Andy

I am not a fan of these filaments containing “stuff”. These filaments cannot guarantee an even distribution. You ether get pure plastic or the filament is “stuff” only, gets brittle or leads to clogging. In addition to that those filaments are depending on the “stuff” more or less abrasive.

Stuff can be wood, fiber, metal and even glitter or sparkles.

For those reasons I prefer wood color filament, which is in my case beech style. Of course you don’t get the wooden smell and the fibers are non existent, but when using under extrusion on the outer shell you can even create a random surface that looks more like wood. After a little sanding the layer lines get less and the wood look even gets better. Sure you can see on closeup that it is not real wood. Especially on touch, but that is enough for me. I have no intentions to deal with all the hassle that comes with real wood filament.

Thanks for your input, and on reflection I do agree, but the smell when it’s printing, you can’t beat it, just like a wood yard ?

I have 1 spool of wood filament. I printed a 3D vase with it. It had too much stringing, but that’s probably because I didn’t calibrate for it before using it. In any case, some judicious de-stringing made the vase quite useable.

Get a like wood smelling candle :smiley:

I’ve never printed anything in “wood.” What brand do you use?

Thank you!

I only print with Filament from a local reseller, where I can drive to and pick up the stuff, when I need it.

The filament brand is called “noyes” and you can find it here:

They are currently under stress as their stock is shrinking rapidly due to the recent channel blockage and the even more recent harbor closing in china. That’s why their color palette are quite limited right now.

Don’t get bamboozled by the fact that this filament is so cheap. The quality is great. Using is for years now and the quality and colors are constant.