Wood PLA - Any suggestions?

Hi all

I’m about to order some wood PLA. I use an Ender 3 v2
I will want to stain it.

Any suggestions on what to order?

Hatchbox makes a beautiful wood PLA

I have a spool of Noyes Wood PLA, but did not find a reason to use it. :smiley:

I got a spool of the hatchbox wood pla. Did a small print. I get a bit of stringing.
What causes stringing. I had to run it at 215 to get it working

I still deal with stringing issues from time to time but it seems more to do with your retraction speed and distance. Dr. Vax has some videos on this so do a search on YouTube for them.

Don’t forget temperature. It’s a big factor in stringing.

? yup that too

Usually stringing gets caused by to low temperature. The filament is less fluid and on retract the string does not rip appart. It is kind of like when you touch a hot glue ball. You instantly get fat stringing, as the temperature on the outside is not hot enough, not fluid enough.

215°C is actually not uncommon. The print temperature on the box/spool is a guideline for speed. So the lower temperature is for slow print speed and the higher value is for higher print speed. I usually print on the upper end of the scale at 215°C with 55mm/s for plain PLA to be on the save side.

In addition to that, when dealing with “mixed” filament you need to take account that the temperature gets shiftet, as the wood particles are not melting and do not properly transfer the heat, while some metal flake glitter may be. So when normal 100% color prints fine at 210°C the wood one may not, unless it is just a (wood) color which usually has a next to no effect on the required print temperature.

So you need to compensate for particles in the filament and I guess the temperature on the box/spool just represents the pure plastic.

Just curious if Hatchbox wood PLA is abrasive.

I guess not. You just need to cramp the heat up a little more to prevent clogging. Clogging is the bigger danger with these particle filaments.

Fibre and metal flake containing filaments are far more abrasive.

I’m with @Geit. I mean, how abrasive is sawdust? More than bare filament? Sure. As abrasive, or more abrasive, than glass or carbon fiber, or metallic filament? I doubt it.

BTW @Geit, what does “crap the head the stuff up” mean?

Hatchbox is not at all abrasive and on my third roll now it has never clogged a nozzle on me. I have had clogged nozzles before but only on bowden fed extruders.