Stringing problem.

I’m setting up a new Monoprice MP10 and having trouble with filament sticking (actually not sticking) to the platform. I raised the bed temp as high as the filament specs suggest which is 80C. Last night I printed the cat just fine after a few tries, today it gets to the belly and loses grip and prints a bird nest. Of course, I wasn’t there to see just what happened…Any ideas? Thanks!

I am big fan of using Magigoo. Yes, it is something you need to pay for but it solves this problem for me. I have tried glue sticks and they do not work as well. Hair spray sounds like a mess to me so I stick with Magigoo. You can order it online from both Amazon and MatterHackers.

Full disclosure I provide affiliate links to Amazon and other retailers in my video descriptions and I do include a link to Magigoo. I only link products that I feel will work for most people.


Thanks! I watched another of your videos last night describing your issues with different filaments. I did order some magigoo and I now have a metal extruder to install as soon as my new bowden tube arrives. Thanks for all your help! I understand you had a run in with Covid, I am so very happy to hear that you are on the other side of that and I wish you continued good health :slight_smile:

Did you solve your problem? I have a Monoprice MP10 mini and Magigoo didn’t help but adjusting the Z-offset did.

Also, did you install the metal extruder? If so, how did it go?


Alan, I tweaked the temp with the bed which helped the adhesion. I also noticed that the nozzle was tilted just a bit to one side so I straightened that out which helped a lot.
I tried to reprint the sample cat to make sure that the problems were with Cura and not the printer. The cat started out fine but towards the top it was stringy and crappy.
At this point I looked at one weeks worth of trying which resulted in one successful print, no reply to email sent to Monoprice, and decided to try something different.
The MP10 is on it’s way back and I am waiting for a Longer LK4 Pro which was a top 10 pick in the price range and Amazon’s choice. Hopefully I will have better luck with that.

Sorry to hear it was a bad machine. Good luck with the Longer LK3 Pro and write a post on it when you can!

Alan, I have had the Longer LK4 Pro for a few days now and have the following report. <insert BIG RED HEART imoji here>
I love it! In a week of trying to get the Monoprice MP10 set up and working I gave up after one successful print and many, many
fails. So far with the Longer I have had one fail and that was due to the spool and not the printer.
Now, to be fair, Dr Vax, in his review of the MP10 stated that it may not be the best printer for a beginner, which I was but it was
too late as I already had the unit. I learned quite a bit about the whole process doing research and through my errors, but everything
about my new printer tells me that it came to play. I think the other unit may have had a bad filament sensor and a bad nozzle…
Anyway, I am fine tuning a tool I designed and a few fun things for family and happily doing so.
Not intending to slam the MP10, but it just did not work for me. Best of luck with yours!!

Sorry, typo on my part re:LK3. Great news that it is working well! No worries re:Monoprice. I watched an online review of one model (forget which one) where the reviewer made a side comment about “Monoprice’s known quality control problems.” So, maybe I got lucky!