Snapmaker 2.0

I am curious if any members here have an opinion on the Snapmaker 2 products. I have the A350 model with the enclosure kit.
For those unaware of the Snapmaker 2 machines they are multi-function (3D printer, CNC router, laser etcher) via use of interchangeable tool-heads.

While the Snapmaker 2 is not perfect at any of the 3 functions, and a bit expensive ($1799.00 for the A350) I have found it to to be a reasonable first 3D printer with what I believe is a larger than average work volume (320mm x 350mm x 330mm). The extra functions provide options for additional maker projects and I believe at least partially justify the price. While the unit comes as a kit, assembly is not difficult. It is very well packaged and arrived in good shape in-spite of some extremely rough handling by the shipping company. Another thing I like about the Snapmaker 2 machines is that they are designed for expansion - a dual extruder tool-head is planned and might be available within a year.

Have to admit, I’ve never heard of them. As a 1st 3D printer I couldn’t have justified $1800. It will be interesting to read about your experiences.

I should have provided a link ( for those who might be curious. I too had not heard of them until I saw an ad on Instagram. I agree that the price is high if one is only looking for a 3D printer with a larger than average print bed. I tend to, when I can afford it, buy larger than my immediate need/want to avoid replacing/upgrading for a longer period.

So far I have only calibrated the extruder, printed a few supplied designs, designed & printed a couple of small parts to fix a minor problem with a cabinet, and CNC routed a supplied design in acrylic for a smartphone holder. My main goal currently is getting my head around FreeCAD and Cura. Learning new things is difficult for an old fart like me.

It seems we’re a bunch of old farts here.

I’ve had my Snapmaker A350 for several months and absolutely love it. Yeah, the price is high but, remember, you have to divide it by three, so it’s actually more like a $600 printer. If laser cutting and CNC carving are not your thing then this is not the machine you want. But if you want all three functions, the Snapmaker is good value.

Under certain conditions perhaps, but I prefer tools that do something well rather than tools that sort of do other things.
Of course we all love multi tools and panaceas. But the real world stares you in the face.

That means does it work?

For 3D printing and CNC routing, I believe so. Haven’t tried laser etching yet. In my opinion, one of the advantages of the Snapmaker 2 series of products is their modularity and plans for future add-ons such as a dual extruder and a 7-watt laser tool-heads.

For 3D printing, I think their Luban software is disappointing as it uses an old version of Cura for the slicer and while the controller uses a version of Marlin, it too is lacking some features.