New Video scheduled for May/June 2021


I have some exciting news. Right now I have 3 new printers in the DrVAX lab that I will be reviewing. The first, that I am working on right now is an unannounced upgrade to one of the Monoprice small format entry-level models. Based on my initial testing this might be the easiest first 3d printer a user could start with if they are ok with a very small print volume. The advantage of the small print volume is that the machine is as portable as a sewing machine or stand mixer. You could take it out of the closet when you want to use it and then store it back in the closet.

Here are the next two machines I will be reviewing after that.

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The Flashforge is their Creator Pro 2 model which is IDEX. YES. I will be reviewing two dual-extruder 3d printers. Flashforge is an interesting company and I have not reviewed their products in the past. They make both consumer-grade and professional products. In terms of infrastructure, they are probably the closest to Prusa with their own slicer and “real” support. It will be interesting.

On the other hand, the specs on the JGMaker Artist D Pro are spectacular. It will be a busy month.

I want to give a shout-out to Ender5r who has posted his initial experiences with the Artist D. These will be helpful to everyone.


I guess that rules out new MP Mini Delta v2 for review machine which they announced it back in January. I haven’t seen a good review yet.

Thanks for the heads up!


Interesting. Yes, that is the printer I am reviewing. The MP Mini Delta v2. In fact, it is printing in the background right now. I did not know it was formally announced since it is not on their website yet.

Here is a couple of preview comments for the forum readers:

  1. It has all new firmware which is quite impressive and uses the touch screen extremely well.
  2. It ships with a stylus since the touch screen is a bit small, very responsive but small, so if you have fat fingers you will want to use a stylus.
  3. A set of new calibration features in the firmware, in conjunction with their recommendation to use a raft, has solved the problems I had with the V1 and prints sticking.
  4. As with all delta 3d printers it is fun to watch.
  5. My sd card had both Cura and Wiibuilder (windows only) on the card. It was Cura 4.3 which is not too bad.

More to come.

Great news! Here is a link to the announcement (“shipping in February”!). In addition to the points above, I’d be curious to know how the heated bed performs. I’ve been waiting for this printer to be released to see if it might be appropriate for my nephew. Now, I’ll be able to point them to your review!

Thanks again

Edit: The original mini Delta now is listed for $140! (open box)

Hi Irvshapiro

I did see your video about MP Mini Delta V2 3D and the use of the winbuilder for windows that was included on the sd card . I have just order that printer as well as the MP10 ! It looks like the company now only deliver the mac version . Do You have a link or a copy of the the windows version that supports the MP Mini Delta V2 3D and possibly the MP 10? That should be great , because I want also be able to wireless control the the 3 D printer Jog functions to move in x,y and Z as well .

Best Regards
Lars Herrnsdorf

Sorry to bother You,I find the windows version Hiden inside a zip file for the SD contents on printer webpage

Overall after using this printer for a while I would rate it as improved when compared to v1 but not really a great buy unless you want a very compact small printer. The print area is just too small for many applications.

I have also not been able to connect it via USB so far, but this might be my error and I have not spent too much time on it. I do know for my other delta I had to add an Octoprint plugin to get the connection to work. So far I have only tried connecting it to a terminal emulator and then gave up since I had a number of other reviews backed up.

This printer is $180 fully assembled. You can get an Ender 3 (original version) for about this same amount if you are willing to assemble a printer and it is a lot more printer.

Hi Irvshapiro
Thanks for your response , I have not yet got the machines . Concerning the suggestion about Ender 3 I believe the MP10 Mini is very similar in size and even a better 3D printer related to some review I had read . I use the black friday cut off prices to finally byu both , I hope I made the right decision! The Delta V2 have the right size for me for a specific project so I am OK.