Lookin at getting an IDEX printer any suggestions?

I recently got into 3D printing and got a FlashForge Creator Pro 2. I like it so far, other than the small build volume. So, I wanted to look into another IDEX printer, but with a bigger build volume. I was looking at the Sovol SV04 and the JGMaker Artist-D Dual Pro, but also found that the Prusa i3 MK3S+ can attach the MMU2S (double the price of the other two). So, of the three listed any recommendations, pros and cons of them? Or is there another IDEX printer I should look at? Would like to stay around $600, but will look at something more expensive like the pursa if it seems way better.

Thank you for you input and suggestions.

Tod H

I have a SV04 and personally can’t recommend it. Mine came with a badly warped bed and the 3dTouch probe didn’t work. It took 2 months to get that resolved. Their CS leaves a lot to be desired. It built with a lot of Creality parts but not the same ones that are used on other Creality printers so the only parts source is Soval. Printing wise it prints okay but not outstanding, my Ender 3 v2 prints better. The 2nd nozzle is a pain to get setup and then it appear to change while it’s just sitting there. The only thing I really like about it is the build plate size. The Artist-D-Pro has its own problems a couple members here have them. I’d sell SV04 if there was a market for used 3d printers.

I have the JG Maker Artist D Pro. I like it and use it very much for speed. Correction: to do a lot of duplication. Most people do not like it, basically because it only has one memory slot for the flow alignment. I found a software modification and it works great for me. If you are familiar with flow alkgnment then I can recommend it, if not look for one which has two flow alignment memory slots.

I, too, have an Artist D Pro. I most definitely do not recommend it. Besides the problem outlined by @Lowteck, the extruders on my printer do not feed filament consistently, sometimes not at all. I have come to believe this has something to do with the fact I print 99% PETg. Almost all the positive reviews I’ve read are from people printing PLA. It may be something to do with the higher temperatures required by PETg.